Dine In Menu

Sushi Menu also available for Dine In


Housemade Sourdough Baguette              7-

served with olive tapenade

chefs’ choice accompaniment

Panko Crusted Onion Rings                         8-

chipotle lime mayo dipping sauce

Chicken Liver Parfait                                      11-

apple cider whiskey jelly, marina pickles

herb grilled baguette, grainy mustard

Marina Seafood Chowder                             11-

potato, double smoked bacon, cream

Steamed Mussels & Frites                             12-

saki & garlic butter broth with spicy mayo

 add truffle oil and parmesan       2- 

 Romaine Heart Salad (V)                             12-

garlic rubbed & grilled sourdough croutons

black olive puree, parmesan, caesar vinaigrette

add grilled prawns       10-

Kale Crunch Salad (V)                                    12-

apple, dried cranberries, pickled roots, cucumbers

chickpeas, miso ginger sesame dressing, crispy crunch mix

Harissa Marinated Humboldt Squid             16-

marina hummus, toasted goat cheese & rosemary polenta,

lemon purée, grilled vegetables, za’atar & olive parsley caper relish



West Coast Catch                                             29-             

roasted fingerlings, squash, green beans, braised onion

cherry tomatoes, toasted goat cheese, carrot purée

fresh dill, pickled mustard seed, balsamic olive oil drizzle

*ask your server for the catch of the day


Kung Pao Chicken Bowl                                 19-

kale crunch salad, harissa grilled vegetables

coconut rice, shaved cabbage, peanut sauce

togarashi spiced peanuts, cilantro


Kung Pao Plant Based Ribz* Bowl (V)        19-      

kale crunch salad, harissa grilled vegetables

coconut rice, shaved cabbage, peanut sauce

togarashi spiced peanuts, cilantro


Halibut & Chips                                                 22–                                         

panko sourdough batter, remoulade,                                   

house-made picnic slaw, 1lb house-cut Kennebec fries

add extra piece of halibut   10


Grilled Prawn & Scallop Spaghettini               25-
pesto, cream, white wine, herbs, parmesan

grilled seasonal vegetables, toasted seasoned bread crumbs


Island Farmhouse Salt & Pepper Chicken     26-

mustard spätzle, broccolini, mushrooms, peas, cheddar

reduced cream, herbs, chicken mustard jus

caramelized apple relish


Braised Lamb Shank Bourguignon                    33-

crispy champ potato cake, red wine, bacon, carrots

roasted shallot & mushroom jus


Grilled Beef Tenderloin                                         39-

crispy champ potato croquettes, creamed sofrito & spinach

tumeric carrot purée, Maître d’hôtel butter, peppercorn jus



Chocolate Ganache Tart                                            8-

baked lemon curd, crème fraîche, salted caramel


Classic Crème Brûlée                                                  8-

served with Chef’s inspired house-made cookie


Chocolate Truffle Plate                                              6-
variety of Chef’s creation featuring milk chocolate

white chocolate & dark chocolate


Featured Gelato Flavours                                          6-
inquire with your server for today’s selection


 Our Menu is 100% OCEAN WISE

Please notify your server of any allergies or dietary restrictions

*Pleased to partner with “Very Good Butchers” as we expand

our offerings for all to enjoy