Dine In Menu

Sushi Menu also available for Dine In


House-made Sourdough Baguette                   8-

olive tapenade, hummus, za’atar

Panko Crusted Onion Rings                               8-

chipotle lime aioli

Sourdough Breaded “Farmcrest”

Chicken Goujons                                                    12-

honey mustard

Marina Seafood & Clam Chowder                   14-

served with grilled cornbread & seaweed butter

Harissa Marinated Humboldt Squid             18-

marina hummus, toasted goat cheese & rosemary polenta

lemon purée, crispy yam, za’atar & olive parsley caper relish

“Two Rivers” Grilled Sausage

& King Sized Scallop                                            24-

marina hummus, toasted goat cheese & rosemary polenta

lemon purée, crispy yam, za’atar, olive parsley caper relish

House Smoked Seafood Trio                              29-

house smoked oysters, citrus cold smoked steelhead,

albacore tuna, sourdough crostinis, herbed “Little Qualicum”

fromage frais, corn & pickled mustard seed relish


Romaine Heart Salad                                           14-

garlic rubbed & grilled baguette croutons,

black olive puree, caesar vinaigrette, parmesan

add grilled prawns   10-

Kale Crunch Salad (V)                                        14-                                   

apple, dried cranberries, pickled roots, cucumbers,

chickpeas, miso ginger sesame dressing, crispy crunch mix


“Brant Lake” Wagyu Smashed                       18-

Cheddar Burger                               

two cheddar patties, house-made pickles,

lettuce, burger sauce

add bacon   3-

Chefs Choice Sandwich Special                     15-

our chefs love of a great sandwich

add you choice of sides:

kale crunch salad      4-  

half pound  fries       4- 

onion rings      5-          


Poached Dill Brined “KUTERRA” Salmon        36-

summer succotash, bacon lardons, fingerlings,

green onion, truffle corn puree, lemon caper beurre blanc

KUTERRA’S mission is to show that land -based farming is a sustainable way to grow Atlantic salmon for consumers.

KUTERRA was founded by the ‘Namgis First Nation to demonstrate a new, environmentally safe way to grow Atlantic salmon on the Pacific Coast. The farm is on land, unconnected to the ocean.


Kung Pao Bowl                                                         22-

Chicken, “Very Good Butcher” Ribz (V), Fish Bites

kale crunch salad, harissa grilled vegetables

coconut rice, shaved cabbage, peanut sauce

togarashi spiced peanuts, cilantro, house-made pickles


Crispy Panko Local Halibut & Chips                24-                                                                 

panko sourdough batter, 1lb house-cut kennebec fries,                             

house-made picnic slaw, remoulade

add extra piece of panko halibut   12-

Prawn Spaghettini crema di pesto                   29-

pesto, cream, bocconcini, white wine, herbs, grape tomato

grilled baguette, parmesan


 Miso Baked Sablefish                                            42-

garlic & green onion fried rice, sesame soy grilled vegetables

minted cucumbers, sesame seeds, crispy onions

gomashio seasoning, house chili oil drizzle


Grilled Angus Reserve 6oz Tenderloin           47-

smoked mashed potato, chimichurri summer vegetables

red wine jus


Our Menu is 100% OCEAN WISE

Please notify your server of any allergies or dietary restrictions

*Pleased to partner with “Very Good Butchers” as we expand

our offerings for all to enjoy