100% Ocean Wise

At the Oak Bay Marine Group, we’re proud to announce that our menus are all 100% Ocean Wise. Ocean Wise certification means that all the seafood we serve was caught or raised in a sustainable way, to help ensure that our marine ecosystems continue to thrive for future generations.

Learn More About Ocean Wise (Here).

Ocean Wise choices are species that are:

  1. Abundant and resilient to fishing pressures.
  2. Well managed with a comprehensive management plan based on current research.
  3. Harvested in a method that ensures limited bycatch on non-target and endangered species.
  4. Harvested in ways that limit damage to marine or aquatic habitats and negative interactions with other species.

The health of our oceans is an issue of great importance to both The Marina Restaurant and the Oak Bay Marine Group. This is why we have taken all the necessary steps to ensure that our seafood dishes are not only fresh and delicious, but sustainable, arriving on your plate from local sources whenever possible.

Sustainable and Delicious

We care just as much about serving delicious, creative dishes as we do about sustainablilty. We never sacrifice taste or freshness, so you can be sure that any seafood dish you order at the Marina Restaurant will be of the highest quality.

We look forward to seeing you soon!